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About Us
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LifeQuotes4U is an online broker for Life Insurance in the UK. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

We do not offer advice; we aim to provide the information necessary for you to make your own choices about Life Insurance.

If you have any factual questions, for example how policies work, what they cover or when they pay out, we have an experienced and dedicated team to help.

Our History

LifeQuotes4U was founded in 2012. Its founder and CEO, Richard Plews, has worked in the UK Life Insurance industry since 1996.

Our Shareholders and Management Team have significant experience in transforming traditional ‘paper based’ products and services to more efficient web based models. This has helped us to bring Life Insurance away from the old fashioned and time consuming advice based approach to a more efficient, simple and accessible web based model.

Our Mission

We are absolutely passionate about providing UK families with the resources they need to make informed decisions about their Life Insurance; here is what Richard Plews has to say...

"Tragically, my Father passed away at the age of 45. My mother was left to look after myself and my two brothers as we grew up. Having experienced firsthand the devastating impact this can have emotionally and financially, I know how important it is to have financial protection against such a devastating event. Put simply, Life Insurance would have made an extremely difficult situation for my family, a lot easier.

It concerns me that Life Insurance has a certain stigma attached to it. Perhaps it’s because people don’t understand it; maybe it’s that people don’t like thinking about the possibility of dying or maybe it’s the expectation, once you make an enquiry, that a sales men offering ‘advice’ may bother you.

Well, the realities are quite different...

  • Life Insurance can be made simple
  • We all die in the end!
  • These days, there's enough information out there to help you make your own informed decisions without being pushed into anything

We want to make Life Insurance simple, affordable and accessible helping families all over the UK protect their loved ones"

Our Beliefs

We believe in looking after our beautiful planet. We operate, where possible, a totally paperless system using the web & email to communicate to our customers and our partners.

We have carefully selected charities that we donate to, Our Causes. For every Life Insurance application we complete, we donate £10 of our profits to one of our causes. We’d rather do this than waste money on promotional teddy bears or misleading 'cashback' campaigns with pages of small print.

Our Future

We aim to be the information centre for Life Insurance in the UK.

By 2018, we expect to be the UK’s number 1 Life Insurance broker.

LifeQuotes4U Limited is an appointed representative of Ikap Life Limited.
It is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority / Financial Services Authority 591445