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Tis the season for festive cheer, office parties, gifts, and of course a drink or two, or three, or more.  And the shops and stores make it even easier to have a drink on hand as the sales and discounts at this time of year on ales and spirits are massive.  It is as if they want us to drink, drink, drink.

Since the 1950’s alcohol consumption in the UK has been on the rise, gradually, but still on the rise.  At present, the NHS spends more on alcohol-related illness among the “baby boomers” more than any other generation.  The NHS spends £825m on those age 55-74 due to alcohol, compared to £64m on those under age 24.  Just because we see the young ones out on the weekends in the towns and city centres drinking and partying it up, doesn’t mean the old ones are not at home drinking the cheap beer and spirits from the local shops and stores.

In the last decade there has ben a 63% increase in the number of prescriptions for alcohol dependency, as well as a 20% rise in the number of deaths from live disease.

I recently went to the liver ward or alcohol ward at my local hospital and spoke with a couple of patients there.  It was a scary experience.  Some of the patients there knew they were going to die; they were experiencing liver failure and they were not going to get a transplant.  All that could be done is to make them comfortable.  And liver failure is a nasty way to die, as if there is any good way, but look up/research death by liver failure.

And how does this drinking oneself to death begin?  It can begin innocently enough having a drink or two, and this grows to three or four drinks, and then not just the weekends, during the week, then not just after 5pm, but earlier and earlier.

Of course this doesn’t happen to everyone, not all of us slip and fall into the chalice of ale.

It is just something we all need to be aware of.

If one wants to lead a healthy life, all in moderation; what we eat, drink, exercise regularly, etc.


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