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We all love dining out, being waited on, no cleaning up, and delicious food, but do we know what is in that “freshly prepared” food we are eating??

What is the salt content, the fat content, how much saturated fat is in the meal?

Do you know what the daily allowed intake of salt, and fats for a man or a women?

Knowing what is in what we are eating is just another way to insure we stay healthy.  of course when we prepare food at home we know what we put in the food, or what is in it as we may make the meal from scratch.  Cook some meat/protein, some veg, all fresh and no additives.

But what is in the food we get at restaurants??

A survey done by Consensus Action on Salt and Health or CASH as they are known, discovered that many restaurants were serving salty meals that exceeded the maximum recommended intake of salt, which is 6g.

The survey covered almost 700 restaurants and included celebrity chef and High Street restaurants.

It does go to show you we are not that knowledgable about what we eat when we are out.  many restaurants, mainly fast food types, have a menu showing the fat and sodium content in their meals, as well as how many calories are in the meal.  However larger restaurants or “fine dining” establishments do not offer this type of disclosure.

I have been out in a nice place to eat and the food was gorgeous and I knew, it must be high in fat to taste this good.  As I don’t put salt on or in anything I eat, just my preference, I can taste when a meal is high in salt/sodium.

If someone is watching what they eat for whatever reason, be it to lose weight, or maybe they have health concerns, knowing what we are eating is a big deal.

In doing a bit of research online, I did find many restaurants, but not that many, do disclose  fat and sodium content on their web sites when viewing their menus.  But in also researching this by going to many restaurants in my town, almost none had this disclosure on the menus.   To my mind and research, the higher end or expensive the restaurant was, the less chance of any type of ingredient or other disclosures.  The restaurants seemed to place a higher importance on telling us how fresh the ingredients were or that they were locally sourced.

So something to give thought and pause to the next time you are sitting in a nice restaurant and being tempted by the tasty offerings.


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