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Lately every time we make a purchase of gadget, mobile phone, computer, TV, etc, or some new electronic thingy, we are asked do we want the additional protection plan or extend the warranty on the item, or some form of insurance should the item break, be stolen, or just plan die too soon.

I waive off these extended warranties, as most items have some form of coverage attached with them; be it a 90 day warranty or in some instances 12 months.  My thoughts are if the item is going to break, it will do it during this period.  But this is not always so, and warranties do not cover your dropping an item or it being stolen.

And as unemployment rises, so do crimes of acquisition such a pick pockets, bags being stolen, mobiles laid down for a second and then are gone.  So for some, this type of insurance is good to have.

The other day I was inquiring about a new fancy computer tablet on the market and in chatting with the sales person they asked if I was interested in their virus protection, some software sold with the tablet to ward off viruses you may pick up on the Internet.

I thought about this for a few minutes and my mind wandered about the realms of viruses on the internet, insurance, protecting one’s investment, etc.

First, while there are not many viruses written specifically for Android or other tablet operating systems yet, there will be.  More will be written, it is inevitable, a part of the natural order of the digital world unfortunately.

So if we buy this protection, or insurance for our new tablet or digital toy, we can have peace of mind the “hackers” and writers of malicious code cannot break down our defenses or lay siege to our castle of plastic and HD screens.

Or can we???

See it all becomes a game of cat and mouse, and if you look back at our life on computers, or life with computers, it will show that history does digitally repeat itself.

You buy the latest virus insurance plan and software, it protects you and you feel good.  The hackers also buy this plan, they find ways to write bad code or viruses that this insurance doesn’t protect against.  So you need to “update” or buy a more recent version of the insurance/software to insure you are not just still protected, but protected against the newer version of the viruses out there.

You build a better mouse trap, the mice get smarter, so you build a better mouse trap, and the mice they get smarter…..and so it goes.

Is there any answer or solution here, no, not to my mind at least not yet.  Short of staying off the paths where the viruses may lie in waiting, meaning don’t go on the Internet, which isn’t going to happen, or using operating systems that no viruses are written for, or not as many are written for, it is near impossible to insure we will not catch a digital cold.

And washing one’s hands is not insurance against these viruses either.


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