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As insurance policies go, there has always been a strong need for insurances such as life insurance, property and contents insurance, and of course auto insurance; as auto insurance is mandatory.  For some mortgages so is property insurance.  But as our lives change and grow and technology changes and grows, so does our needs and the need for specific types of insurance grow as well.

I am talking about what I term, “gadget insurance”.  This is insurance for our mobile phones, MP3 players, iPad, tablets, even computers in some instances; just all the gadgets we use everyday and now have come to rely on.

There are many companies out there offering this type of insurance coverage, so we are not at a loss for choice.  But a question to ask yourself is do you need the insurance?  While not expensive, it is another added expense to pay.

For some people their home insurance may cover their mobile phones or tablets, etc, even if they are outside the home.  So if you have property/homeowners insurance, you first should review that policy or speak to your insurance agent/sales person.

Another question to ask is who is the policy covering?  For myself, I have only lost a mobile phone once (knock on wood) and am fairly careful.  But for younger people they may be not as cautious and could either lose, drop, or somehow damage their gadgets.

Do you travel a lot?  If so then the insurance may be worthwhile.

And also what gadgets are you insuring?

Some mobile phones are quite expensive and to replace them if lost or stolen may not be possible.

So just one more thing to think about when you are researching and purchasing the latest and greatest techno, geeky, gadgety thing out there.


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