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It has previously been discussed and shown how difficult it is for young drivers to get insurance on a car in order to legally drive. Many are added as additional drivers to their parent’s insurance policies in order to try and reduce the costs. Others simply don’t drive and wait and see if the costs will ever come down.

Getting your drivers licence and then not being able to drive is very anti-climactic in many ways. First you have worked hard to get to the point of feeling confident enough to take and pass the practical test, and then you don’t get to continue to learn. By not driving your driving skills can slack off, and if to much time passes you’ll need to practice for a period again in order to regain your confidence.

Unfortunately young drivers costly car insurance is based on a few facts. One is that road accidents are the biggest killer of young people aged 15-24, either as a driver or a passenger. There are 15 serious road accidents a day that involves young drivers.

This is in part why car insurance for young and newly licenced drivers is as costly as it is.

The ABI/Association of British Insurers has stated that the government has not fulfilled its “promise to improve young driver safety” and is costing “the UK’s three (3) million young drivers up to £370 a year”.

There are some key points that need to be made here, and one is how to give young drivers more experience, but also in a safe environment.

The ABI has called for a one )1) year minimum learning period for younger drivers. They also are calling for a limiting on the number of young passengers that a young or new driver may carry for a certain period after passing their driving test.

It is thought and hoped by implementing these and other changes it will reduce the number of car crashes involving young drivers, which would reduce the insurance costs.

Young drivers do need some assistance here if they are ever to become older, safer drivers.


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