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I am sure by now everyone has heard of the “horse meat scandal” going on at the moment.  It appears that food products that were labeled as being beef, had traces of horse DNA in them, meaning there was horse meat in the product along with the other ingredients.

In one instance I read where a ready meal lasagne that was supposed to be beef, was 100% horse meat!

So what are the ramifications of all this, many and huge….huge!

The distributers will blame the suppliers, who may try to pass the blame to the factories or plants where the processed meats are made, etc.  It is going to be a complicated and complex issue.

And what about the legalities of it all??  There will be law suits, and possible claims, claims from the businesses that have been affected and may lose future business as well as the confidence of the buying public in their product.

Then as consumers, what about us?

Personally myself, I don’t think I ate anything that fell into the categories of what may have been affected or tainted, but I’m not upset if I ate some horse meat or not.  Of course the drug issues that may have been in the meat bring up a whole new realm of claims and compensation.

There will be those that feel they should be compensated for being lied to and for having eaten horse meat and then feeling ill afterwards of being told.  Ignorance is truly bliss.

So it is fair to assume that there will be claims, and insurance firms will be involved as many companies and businesses will have liability insurance to cover any losses they may  experience and also to cover any legal actions taken against them.

So again, a very complicated and complex issue that we are only touching on the surface of at the moment.


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