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Married or not, buying a property with a mortgage or not, if you have a spouse or partner and you live together, having life insurance on each other is a good idea and makes financial sense.

Many people think that you only need life insurance on your partner or spouse if you have children together or are buying a property, or have some jointly held bills or debts that require both of you, or the sum of your financial parts, in order to pay. So the loss of one of you would put the other partner at a financial burden; so then you need life insurance.

But I have always felt this is not just the only instance of needing life insurance.

Of course there are the final expenses such as the cost of a funeral to be paid, and this expense would be the responsibility of the living spouse or partner. But the emotional costs involved need to be weighed as well.

Personally if I lost my partner I am unsure how I would cope and for how long it would take me to grieve and get on with my life. The death would certainly affect my ability to work as I would be at a loss and who can say how long this might go on for.

Having a life insurance policy to not just pay for the funeral, but allow the surviving partner time to grieve and come to grips with their loss is important. many people might argue just getting back to work and on with life helps with the grieving, but not everyone may be able to do this, or it may not be the best advice for everyone. Just hiding the grief away behind a brave face and getting back on with life.

It is just one aspect of purchasing life insurance on a spouse or partner that needs to be considered outside just the financial aspects.


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