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In Liverpool three (3) friends wee found guilty of deliberately causing a crash on the M57 between a coach and a car. They did this to fraudulently claim £150,000 in compensation.

Getting compensation is huge driving force these days in causing people to submit fake claims or cause crashes.

The insurance company Service Underwriting had suspicions raised when it received whiplash claims from 30 people who were traveling on a coach in December 2011. The driver of the coach claimed he was made to pull over on a roundabout at the junction of the M57 by passengers stating the coach had been struck from behind by a Renault Megane; this even though the driver felt no impact or noticed being hit.

The driver reported that there was “superficial damage” to both vehicles, and the passengers stated they felt unwell and wanted to cancel their trip. Those that were injured gave the driver their details, the driver took them back to the pub where they were picked up, where he watched them run across a dual carriageway and go into the pub.

What the investigation found was that the driver and car which struck the coach at a very low speed, was in cahoots or working with a couple of the passengers on the coach.

Get your buddy to rear-end the coach you are on and you can all claim whiplash and seek compensation.

The group was caught, found guilty of conspiracy to defraud and to be sentenced at a later date.

So these guys thought they were clever, but the insurance industry is working hard to prevent fraudulent claims and crack down on this sort of criminal activity.


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