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I was watching a morning TV show a few months ago, and on the show they had one of those TV physicians who is well known and seen on different reality medical shows.  This doctor was using a tablet computer to show some of the technological advances in computers and how GP’s can use them.  The tablet had various inputs that had leads attached which would be used to attach to a patient to check various things on a patient.  They could check blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, pulse, etc.  Pretty cool actually.

Then I got to thinking about the different applications we can have on our mobile phones that may be useful for our health and staying healthy.  My research uncovered these:

Pedometer – These apps are usually free and I had one on one of my older non-smart phone and found it quite useful.  Pedometers track the number of steps you take and in turn tell you how far you have walked or jogged. Personally I have not found the perfect app for this for my phone as there always seems to be a bug issue or something about the app I am not 100% happy with, but that is just myself.  There are plenty of people out there  using these apps and using them happily.

Sports Tracker Apps – There are apps out there that you can program for your workouts and track your exercise routines and progress. They also can show you how many calories you are burning and have burned.

Fitness Guide Apps – This is an application that shows you how to work out properly and how to target certain areas of the body.  Some may want to improve their chest, some to slim and tone their mid-sections.

Calorie Counters – These apps do just as they state, they help you in counting calories and  tracking weight loss or gain. Many exercise apps have these counters as a part of what they do.

Meal Snap – Unsure how this one works, but you take a photo of what you are eating and the apps gives you the calories in it.

WebMD – This app is just like it states, a medical diagnostic app to see what is ailing you.  You enter your symptoms and the app does the rest.  There also is a first aid section with the app as well.  This could be quite useful.

Hospital App (iTriage) – These applications tell you the nearest hospital or A&E near you and how to get there, in addition to diagnoses and medical conditions.  They may not work in some parts of the world in locating a hospital or A&E.

Pill Reminder Apps – These applications tell you when you are next to take your medications and an be very helpful if you are taking numerous tablets and at different times.

Medical History Apps – Applications that carry your medical history and help you to track your doctor’s appointments and other medical tests and visits. Some apps allow you to enter family members or those you care for as well.

So as you can see there are a few very helpful and useful applications to not just keep us on-track with our exercise and dieting, but also to monitor and inform us of medical conditions and medications.


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