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There are a few joyous moments in our lives, and the greatest has to be when we have children. Having children myself, I recall the very early days of just discussing the fact my partner and I wanted to have children. Then there was the planning to have them, and then of course the moment when I was informed by my partner she may be pregnant.

Of course we all run out and buy those home pregnancy tests, and then once it shows positive we then make an appoint with our GP to confirm this.

Then the scan, which were pretty accurate back in the day, but are very accurate now as to telling gender and any issues that may arise. That scan, seeing your child for the very first time, hearing the heartbeat for the first time, it all just amazes me, the whole new life thing. It really does give you a buzz and for me carried me through quite a few long work days that week.

Then of course the birth of your child. I was fortunate enough to be there and witness the birth of my daughter and it was amazing, a bit scary as well. But the nerves and fears all dissolved away once my partner and myself saw her little screaming face.

And then you get on with life. There are bottles to prepare, nappies to change, clothes to wash, school uniforms to iron and prepare, life changes and it changes rather quickly. But in my looking back at it all, as my children are grown now, it seems to have gone by so fast, and I don’t remember the times as work or worry, but yet I know it was all there.

Naturally you want to protect your children in not just what you do, but also protect them from the outside world and anything that may hurt or injure them. That is a natural instinct as a parent. And I found out years ago that one way to protect our kids is to protect ourselves. We need to stay healthy in body so we can work and provide for our children and be there for them. We need to stay wise and strong in mind, not to just help them with the schoolwork that many of us parents haven’t a clue about, but also the things that go on in the world and can affect our children as they grow.

Another way to protect ourselves in order to protect our children is through life insurance. Both parents should have life insurance to provide not just financially for the other partner, but also for the children should anything happen and they can no longer be there to do this on their own.

Some statistics show that around 26% of households with dependent children are single parent families. That’s two (2) million single parents.

Almost half or 49% of single parents had their children within marriage and are separated, divorced or widowed. Widowed being the key issue here, that would mean there would be no income or support from the lost parent.

The statistics also showed that single father were more likely to be widowed than single mothers. On average 12% of single fathers were widowed. This with only 5% of single mothers.

These statistics are form the Office for National Statistics which has statistics on just about everything you imagine.

Some other statistics the office showed were that poverty levels were higher for single parent families. Four (4) in every 10 families of single parents were in poverty, were as two (2) in every 10 of two parent families were in poverty.

Unfortunately the statistics don’t show if this poverty level is due to a loss of a partner or spouse by death, or if it is attributed to divorce or separation. It would be interesting to see if there is a correlation.

As many of us parents know, raising children is in itself a full-time job, and one we do with joy and passion. I myself don’t know if I could have done this alone if I had been widowed, and having life insurance in place is not there to in itself replace the loss of a spouse or partner. But financially it can help to fill the financial gap that could very well be there.

The insurance could provide funds to allow the surviving partner time to help the family grieve, also to get domestic help in to assist with the cleaning and other chores.

The insurance could be there to provide for a higher education for the children later in life insuring they can attend university if they wish.

Having children while one of life’s great joys, is also one of life’s great responsibilities. And to my mind, that responsibility is also to provide for my children even after I may no longer be here with them.


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