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This phone does it all, everything, including make phone calls.

How’s that for a sales pitch to buy a new mobile phone.  But it isn’t too far from the truth.

Mobile phones these day have cameras, and good high quality cameras at that.  They can also shoot video.  They can text, get on the Internet to send emails, listen to movies, watch TV on iplayers, scan bar codes, and the list goes on and on.  There are apps for just about everything imaginable.  My mobile is even a torch with one app I have, activate the application and the flash for the camera is a very bright torch.

When you make a purchase now online you can have a text alert and mobile receipt sent to you.  Purchase train tickets, you can have the receipt sent to you via your mobile, the list goes on and on.

But one thing I found interesting, and insurance related, is that many states in America, are going to allow drivers to show proof of insurance via their mobile phones.

In America, just as like here in the UK, you must have insurance on your car or vehicle in order to legally drive it on the roadways. In America the laws are slightly different in that if you are stopped by the traffic police or any police for that matter, you are legally bound to produce your insurance certificate as well as your driver’s licence at the time of the stop.  No going to the station within seven (7) days and showing these documents, you must have them on you and your vehicle at all times.

So allowing drivers to show an insurance certificate via their mobile phones is a big step.  One that may lead to other important documents being stored and if need be produced or shown via a mobile phone.

Of course it leads us into a whole new realm of mischief as well.

What is your mobile is lost or stolen?

What if you fail to charge it and the battery goes down or dies??

There can be quite a few flies in this ointment if you know what I mean.

But it is a novel approach and one we may see coming from across the Great Pond to our shores.


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