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How do you stay healthy?

Of course watch what you eat, moderation in drinking and sweets and fatty foods, and also exercise.

But how do you exercise?  It can be different for everyone and recently I was having a discussion with a few people over how they stayed “fit”, their definition of being “fit” and what types of exercise did they do.

Personally myself, I walk a lot, and try to everyday.  And when I say walk, I mean miles; I try for a few miles a day.  I don’t always achieve that goal, but I do get out and about daily.  I also use hand weights, but not to try and build muscle, more to try and maintain tone.  Which as we get older we can lose.

A couple of younger fella’s I spoke with were into weight training and also circuit training, which they stated was demanding.  In addition they also ran and rode bikes.  They were a bit over the top for me, but then again they were younger.

A couple of women I spoke with had tried Zumba, which is a type of dancing workout.  At least it looks that way to me, it also looks fairly physically demanding as well.  Good cardio workout.

One woman stated she swam a few times a week at the local baths.  It was something she had done since childhood and not only was it good exercise, but she found it relaxing.

I find walking relaxing as well, and trying new routes to go places also stimulates the brain as well.

The point of this is to get up off the sette and do some exercise.  Changing channels on the TV is not a workout and walking to the kitchen to get a glass of wine or a packet of crisps is not a workout.

Obesity is a problem here in the UK as well as in other countries and exercise is a way to fit fat.

Exercise also helps us to live longer and live healthier.  There is nothing worse than losing one’s health, and money cannot buy good health.

So get up and get out there and get some exercise.


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