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It has been discussed and researched ad nauseam, but the facts are there, stress can be a killer in our lives.  Being stressed can cause heart attacks, strokes, weight gain, loss of hair, impotence, and the list goes on and on.  And the fact that our lives have become so busy and complicated only adds to this stress.

There are different types of stress, some mental, some physical. Mental stress can be worrying about one’s job or money.  Physical stress can be a poor diet, lack of proper sleep or an illness.

There also are stealth types of stress, like running around at the holidays getting gifts or making sure everyone is enjoying themselves or seen to.

So how to beat stress??

First thing is to slow down, know when you are doing too much, or when life gets on top of you and take a moment.  Take a moment to stop, think, chill out, relax, rest, gather your wits, and get Mr. Heart to not pound in our chest.

Some people can de-stress themselves in just a few minutes, for others it can take longer, but it is something we can all do.

So a few ways to de-stress:

Meditation: not for everyone, and does need to be learned, but a great way to reduce or eliminate stress.

Change your attitude: This can be as simple as looking at a problem from a different perspective, or taking a large task and breaking it down to smaller more manageable jobs or tasks, or eliminating negative thoughts.

Just walk away:  In some instances just walking away from an argument, heated debate, anything that gets us stressed can be useful.  I’m not talking about running away, which is a defense mechanism in itself, but taking a moment away from the situation or stressor.

Exercise: Working out, exercising, taking a walk, riding a bike, etc, can help to reduce the tension we may feel from stress.  Exercise releases endorphins which help beat stress as well.

Laughter: People who laugh live longer.  Laughing is good for all of us, releases endorphins which we know is good, and can help reduce stress.

Diet: Eating a poor diet can only add to stress.  Having our five a day, reducing alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine and sugar, can all help with stress.

Prayer:  This can be similar to meditation for some people, but prayer can help those experiencing huge periods of stress.

Get a massage:  Not only does this take you away from any stressors, but gives you time for you.  It also helps to release tensions.

Clean the house:  Oddly enough cleaning for some people is therapeutic and helps them to relax.

So while not meant to be inclusive, just a few ways to reduce the stress we all may be experiencing in our lives.


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