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Being and staying healthy is one aspect of our lives that many of us concentrate on, and yes even work at.

How many of us are members of a gym where we go to workout a few times a week, or walk two (2) miles in a stationary position, and it can be a big business as millions of us spend millions to try and stay in shape and healthy.

And it is important to do this, staying healthy, as it can not just improve our lives, but also extend our lives.

One funny thing I have noticed in my city is that a few of the larger, major gym chains have  these huge glass fronts on them and they are located in busy, high traffic parts of the city.  So when you drive by you see everyone inside the gym doing their workouts; struck me as a bit of free advertising seeing everyone else working out as I drove by.

Technology has changed how we work out and also in some ways improved our exercise patterns.  It isn’t just grabbing a few weights and placing them on the end of a metal pole and trying to lift it 10 times or more, no it is elaborate machines that can have the amount of weight changed easily and also provide different workouts all from the same machine.

It still comes down to sweating and huffing and puffing, but in a newer way.

Technology has hanged how we work out and exercise.  We have pedometers to tell us how many steps we have taken for our walks, and heart rate monitors, blood pressure monitors, etc.  And we can even get all this on our smart phones!  There are applications that can be used as a pedometer or check our pulse and heart rate, all from our handy smart phones.

I saw where at the CES expo in Las Vegas this week a company unveiled a new smart fork, intelligent cutlery.

The fork monitors how many bites you take, the weight of those bites, etc, and the data can be downloaded to your mobile phone or some other device that can provide data and feedback as to your eating habits.  This can be used for those looking to lose weight.

Interesting stuff.

I still take an old fashioned approach to diet and exercise.  I do watch what I eat, each bite as it goes into my mouth, and I still exercise using old hand weights.  As for my walking habits, no need for a pedometer, a few brisk laps around the park by mine each day, rain or shine, and I know I have covered two (2) miles.


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