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I have previously written about gadget insurance, which is an insurance policy to insure your mobile phone, laptop, tablet PC, etc, from it being stolen or damaged.  Some content insurance policies will cover these items outside the home as well.  And for some people, it may be a good investment to have such a policy in place.

But there are also some new, advanced applications and technology out there that may help to deter and recover any lost or stolen gadgets we may have.

But first, let’s step back in time, just a few years, to a time before some of this new technology…..

It all begins with me losing my mobile phone, don’t ask me how I did it, one minute it was in my jacket pocket, and the next minute as I place my hand in said jacket pocket a warm rush of panic comes over me as I feel nothing there.

I race home and phone my mobile phone carrier to inform them I have lost my phone.  This after trying repeatedly to ring my own mobile in the hopes someone may have found it, and will return it, I may even offer a small reward as I was feeling a bit generous that day.

The phone had been turned off.  So I can only assume the worst, I lost the phone, someone found the phone, and decided it was now theirs.

I rang my mobile phone carrier who did sympathise with me and said they will turn the phone off and send me a new sim which I will then need to place in another phone, at my own expense.  I said you can turn the phone off from where you are?  Yes, it was a new feature at that time, and while it rendered the phone useless, it was only useless for a short time, until the person who “found” my phone had it unlocked for their use.

So now let’s fast forward a few years back to today….

The technology to turn mobile phones and other gadgets off is still in effect, as is some other kind of cool apps/things.

There is an application or software out there that if your mobile is stolen or missing, you can have it scream.  Yes, scream out a phrase or tone, that you can start-up from anywhere once you have access to another mobile, landline or PC.

And that is not all, there is tracking software that can be installed on your laptop or net book, or tablet to track it should it be lost or stolen. This tracking programme can be GPS based, to know where the item is, but also can track emails sent from the computer, web pages viewed, etc, all to track and possibly catch the thief.

Serious stuff.

There also is the story that went viral on the web about a person who had their laptop stolen and used a programme installed on the computer to take a picture of the thief using the computers web cam.

When you couple this anti-theft, tracking software with the social networks out there, FaceBook, Twitter, etc, it isn’t difficult to not just track a thief, but also find out who they are and post photos of them.

So while gadget insurance is something to consider, so are all the new latest and greatest tracking and anti-theft apps and programmes out there.


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