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When former Margaret Thatcher died recently, even her death caused quite a stir among the entire country.  Those that admired her were saddened, and those that despised her had parties; perhaps in bad taste, but the country was once again divided.

But one thing there was no division about, and that was she was to receive a funeral equivalent to that of a state funeral.  To those who feel she lead the country down the path of ruin, like it or not she won three (3) general elections, was Prime Minister and as such could have a state funeral.

According to news reports, she did not want a state funeral, but it soon became on the same scale as one as soon as the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh attend and other politicians and guests from around the world.

And the cost of this funeral?

It was reported that it could cost as much as £10m!!  However the truth, while still expensive, was far from this figure.

The costs of the funeral were reported to be in the range of £3.6m and this was due to be confirmed by Downing Street.  £3.6m of taxpayer’s money.

It was stated that about £500,000 was spent on the service at St. Paul’s Cathedral, and a reception for about 2,300 guests.

Security costs were estimated to be around £1.1m for some 4,000 police officers who were deployed for the funeral.

There also were ceremonial costs of £500,000.

It was reported that the family of Lady Thatcher were to be paying for flowers and the undertaking cost, but no amount or figure has been released as of yet.

So while far from the estimated £10m, it was an expensive funeral.


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