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My how Mother Nature can unfurl her fury at the strangest of times, and we need to be prepared for those times of unfurled fury, by having insurance policies in place.

We are required by law to have auto insurance, so for most of us, if something were to occur, outside of an accident, if we have our vehicle protected through a comprehensive insurance policy or one that covers physical damage, we are covered.  This means if a tree were to fall on your car, or you hit an animal or something damages your car, it is protected.

Large hail stones can cause damage to a car, and also property, your house, so having insurance on the property is important as well.  This can cover any hail damage, or if the previously mentioned uprooted tree were to fall on your home, it is covered by the insurance.

One type of insurance that many of us do not have, and may not be required due to the area we live in is flood insurance.  And flooding has been in the news a lot lately due to the  rains we have had which has caused so much flooding, and now also the melting of the snow.

Most people who have flood insurance may have it as it was required due to where their property is located, in a flood plain, or in an area that has experienced flooding sometime in the past.

An interesting thing I learned a few years back was based on the Hurricane Katrina incident in America.  The New Orleans area experienced major flooding that caused a huge amount of damage, some of which can never be replaced or rebuilt.  But it was the insurance issue that was the tricky part.

People’s houses got flooded and they wanted their insurer to pay out a claim, even though they did not have flood insurance.  The claimant stated the flooding was the outcome from the hurricane and that hurricanes are covered by their property insurance policies.  The insurance company stated the damage was directly due to flooding and since the claimant did not have flood insurance, the insurance company was not required to pay the claim.

So it wound up in the courts, and I am unsure if it has yet to be resolved.

We just need to be aware that acts of God, and acts of Mother Nature, can cause us the need to insure our property fully.


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