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People ask from time-to-time, do I really need travel insurance if I am going abroad or somewhere outside the UK for a holiday.  The answer is yes, you really should have travel insurance if traveling for any reason outside the UK.

Part of the reasoning for this is due to the fact if anything were to occur, such as an accident  or health concern, here in the UK the NHS is here to help us, but outside the UK, even in the EU, you may be at the mercy of that country’s medical system; and in the instance of going to America, at present they are just now beginning to try and set-up a national healthcare system.

I had previously written about a couple I know that did take out travel insurance, went abroad and one of them took seriously ill.  Unfortunately the person who took ill had not disclosed on the application for the travel insurance about a pre-existing medical condition, which was took them ill whist abroad.  By not disclosing this condition, the insurance company denied their claim.  It is even not a guarantee the policy would have been issued even with disclosure of the medical condition.

So a few points of important things to look for in obtaining travel insurance:

Disclosing any pre-existing medical conditions and if they will be covered or not.  On one holiday I went on in the UK myself and my partner met a couple, a bit older than us, but could only holiday now within the UK as their medical conditions excluded them from most if not all travel insurance policies.

Look at the level of coverage the policy has.  Do you really need £10million of medical coverage, or will less coverage be OK, which could save you on the costs of the policy.

If you take the same trip to the same place each year, there are policies to cover you annually.  There also can be policies to cover you if you take multiple trips each your to different locations.

What additional coverage does the policy offer?  Does it cover for lost baggage, flight delays or cancelations, I am going on various excursions on my holiday will it cover these day trips and importantly, if you are planning any risky athletic adventures, will the policy cover these.

So just a few things to keep in mind when considering a travel insurance policy.


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