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According to the ABI/Association of British Insurers, Britons traveling abroad for holidays that are uninsured and don’t have travel insurance could be facing an extra £900 bill if they fall ill or need medical coverage. That is the average medical bill for medical coverage that Britons are paying for having no insurance.

Someone I know recently took ill abroad and their travel insurance refused to pay due to a pre-existing condition and their medical bills were in the range of £4,000!

Statistics show that every week travel insurance companies handle almost 5,000 claims, paying out £4.5 million.

Nearly one in four holiday makers who travel abroad do so without travel insurance.

And for most of us travel insurance is cheap. If you have a reoccurring holiday spot you visit a few times a year, you can take out a policy that covers each trip.

There are now even insurers that cover those with some pre-existing medical conditions or that are getting up there in age.

Myself and the misses were on a domestic holiday last year and we got to chatting with another couple on the coach and they stated they could no longer take holidays abroad due to the insurance issue and not being able to get travel insurance. They did not want to take the chance. Understandably so, however I have been seeing insurers offering new types of coverages.

So when you go on holiday you want to relax, recharge the batteries, and how can you do this if you have to worry about becoming ill or an injury not just stopping the holiday, but putting you in debt.


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