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I am not a vegetarian, but I have tried it at one point in my life.  I even had veganism thrust upon me at one point due to a former partner being a vegan.  That was a difficult lifestyle, no animal products whatsoever, and I love cheese, pizza, which has cheese on it, and I like other dairy products as well.

When I went down the vegetarian route, it was many years ago, and recipes and some of the way veggie foods are prepared had not really come into what it is now.  So it seemed to me to be a boring diet and way to eat.  But I did give it a chance.

One thing I have notice is that most meat substitutes are formed and shaped to look like real meat.  If you are giving up eating meat for whatever reason, especially if you feel it is cruel to eat animals, why have meat substitutes shaped to look like real meat?

Moving on….

A recent study showed that out of 44,500 people in England and Scotland, vegetarians were 32% less likely to die or need hospital treatment as a result of heart disease.

Obviously being a vegetarian reduces cholesterol levels, which can reduce blood pressure, and also can reduce body weight, all contributing factors for heart disease.

Diet does play a huge role in our health and living healthy lives.  By cutting out meat and reducing that risk of heart disease, we add years to our lives and healthy years at that.

One thing to remember if you do decide to become a vegetarian or even a vegan, you still need a balanced diet, which means getting the proper amount of protein, iron and vitamins we require.  Also, there are plenty of veggie options out there that can still be high in fat and salt, such as some prepared meals.

Even by choosing to have a few meatless days of the week can improve our health and aid in losing weight.  Paul McCartney is a famous vegetarian and once proposed meatless Mondays.  Just one day of the week without meat.

It is a start.


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