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Hopefully none of us will ever experience a car crash, but the odds are against us, as more and more cars are on the roadways and the odds get higher we will have or be involved in an accident.

Auto insurance is mandatory in the UK, you must have insurance if you are to drive, and/or renew your tax disc and MOT.  Driving without insurance is against the law and your car can be confiscated if you are found to be driving without insurance.

So the insurance is there should be have an accident; it is there to put things right or hopefully back to where they were.  Repairs to a vehicle, lost time, and compensation claims.

But suppose you are involved in a car accident, what should you do.

Legally you are bound to not leave the scene of an accident.  You need to stay there until you are allowed to leave, either by the police or in the instance of a very minor “fender bender” all details have been exchanged.

For any types of serious accidents, identifying if there are any injuries, if anyone is hurt or injured and getting help to the scene, phoning 999 if necessary.

If the police are involved, they will gather the details required for a report to be made.  You want to get the report reference number and a copy of the report in time.

If the police are not involved, then exchanging details with any other drivers involved in the accident is imperative.  Their name, address, contact phone numbers, home and mobile, the vehicle registration number and their insurance details.

Try to gather as much evidence as safely as possible.  If you have a camera on your mobile phone, taking photos of all vehicles involved and the surrounding area can be helpful.  Note if there are any witnesses and gather their details as well.

Putting pen or pencil to paper here can be important later on.

Trying to remain calm and avoid any confrontations or arguments about who may be at fault is important as well.  There is no need to have a minor accident escalate into something more.

In addition, being mindful of what is said is important as well.  Utterances such as I’m sorry, or it was my fault, from either party involved can be important later on.

Report the accident immediately to your insurance company.  They can take it from there and begin investigation of the claim.


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