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The Ultimate Guide to Calories

The quality and quantity of food we eat is directly linked to our overall health levels. But how many of us are really aware of exactly how much food we are eating? The LifeQuotes4U team is proud to present you with the ultimate guide to calories. This infographic explains exactly what a calorie is and how many we are supposed to consume on a daily basis. It also shows how many calories are in some of our favourite fast foods. You'll never look at that sweet and sour chicken order in the same way again!

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Calories are measured by the amount of energy required to raise one gram of water's temperature by one degree Celsius.

The term calorie began in 1824 as a measurement for heat. It has since been used to measure the energy contained with food and drinks.

In spelling calories, cal = 1 calorie Cal (capital C) = 1000 calories

Calorie Recommendations

According the NHS guidelines men require 2,500 calories daily, while women only require 2,000 daily.

The definition of "empty calories" are calories that come from fats and sugars. Calories from fizzy drinks, cakes, crisps, etc all make up "empty calories".

Men and women peak taking in empty calories between the ages of 19 - 30 years old.

Calories and Fast Food

Fast food can be unhealthy for us and very high in calories. If a man were to eat a Hardee's Monster Thickburger, he would be consuming 1300 calories or 52% of his recommended calories per day. That's over half of the recommended daily calories in just one meal!

A Double Whopper with cheese is 40% of a man's daily recommended calories and 50% of a women's. Just one meal like this can blow your diet.

Popular Takeaways

Our popular takeaways are also high in calories and can be unhealthy for us if eaten too often.

A Chinese takeaway of sweet and sour chicken, egg fried rice and vegetable spring rolls is 1436 calories or 72% of a woman's daily recommended calorie intake. That is in just one meal! If she were to eat a 12" standard pizza, it would be 92% of her recommended daily calories. So in one meal she would have eaten her daily allotted amount of calories.

Even the average kebab is 1000 calories or 50% of a woman's recommended daly calories.

Calories and Sports

There are many daily activities and sports we can do to burn off calories.

A person weighing 150lbs or 10 stone 7, would need to dance 3.53 hours to burn off an average chinese takeaway. That's a lot of dancing.

The same person would need to go out and play football for 1 hour and 20 minutes just to burn off a McDonalds Big Breakfast with hotcakes.

General Information on Fast Food

Did you know that in 2011, Americans spent $117 trillion dollars just on fast food! That equates to on average each American spending $376.

In the UK, for 2011 5.4 trillion visits were made to fast food shops. This makes up half of all meals eaten outside of British homes.

US Government Statistics

For the years 2007 - 2010, 11.3% of all daily intake of calories was from fast food.

Men were the highest percentage at 11.8%, while women were just short of this at 10.9%.

Statistics also showed that the more overweight you are, the more fast food you will consume. Those classified as obese were at 13.1%, while those underweight were at 9.6%. Also the younger you are, the more likely you are to consume fast food.

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