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Life Insurance Explained

There are various types of Life Insurance plans available to you; and the principles are the same throughout, there's a payout (Death Benefit) if the insured person were to die while the plan is still running (the Term).

To help you decide which type of plan works best for you and your loved ones, click on the boxes below for a simple explanation of your options.

Level Term Assurance »
"A life insurance policy where the amount your dependents will receive, does not change over time
Usually for people who want to protect their family or to pay off an interest only mortgage."
Decreasing Term Assurance »
"A life insurance policy where the amount your dependents will receive, decreases over time.
Usually for people who want to pay off their repayment mortgage."
Critical Illness Cover »
"Will pay out a cash lump sum if the insured person is diagnosed with qualifying critical illness within a preselected number of years.
It is usually taken out as an add-on to life insurance policies."
Family Income Benefit »
"Pays out a tax free regular income to your dependents if you were to die within the term of the policy.
Usually taken out in addition to Level or Decreasing Term Assurance."
Life Insurance Rates »
"Alongside the amount and length of cover, the Rates set by the insurance companies are what determine how much your life insurance costs."
Trusts »
"Putting your life insurance policy in Trust, it ensures any payouts go to the people you want them to go to quickly and tax efficiently"
Whole Of Life Insurance »
"Life assurance without a term; as long as you keep paying the premiums for the whole of your life the plan will pay out when you die"
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