Motability Scheme role in Car Insurance

Disabled patient in wheelchair

Many people who are disabled receive benefits to help them in getting around, this usually is in the form of a weekly payment. This money is to be used for taxi’s, bus fares (if they don’t have a bus pass), and other transportation expenses they may incur. The benefit scheme is a good one and really needed to help many disabled people get around.


The Motability Scheme has been in effect since 1978, allows those that receive this benefit to aid in their getting around, to be used to lease a car. Currently they are 630,000 using this scheme. The person who receives the benefit has the benefit paid into the Motability Scheme and they in return get a new car, powered wheelchair or scooter every three (3) years. The cost can vary and some cars require a deposit to be paid and some do not require a deposit.


Not everyone who is disabled can drive, so the person who the benefit and car is for can name two (2) drivers to drive the vehicle to help them get around. The vehicle is specifically to be used to aid the disabled person and not just for the driver’s personal use.


By enrolling in the scheme the drivers have access to a new car, the insurance is paid, and all servicing, and maintenance is provided at no additional cost. Even the tax disc is included each year.


With the high cost of auto insurance this is an excellent value for money to many drivers. If a driver has had no insurance in the past, or is somewhat young, or a new driver, car insurance can be the one thing that prohibits them from having a car and driving. They may be able to afford a car, but they cannot afford the insurance. However, as a driver for someone who has a motability car, as long as they have a reasonably clean licence, and no claims, they can be insured under this scheme.