Benefits of No Claims with insurance

Insurance claim concept

What is as important as having a clean driving record, almost worth its weight in gold, having no claims on our drivers licence!


When you go to get insurance for your car what is one of the first questions you are asked, have you had any claims in the past few years? If you have, it can make a huge difference on the price of what you pay for the insurance.


However, suppose you did have an accident and the accident was not your fault? And suppose the person who caused the accident did NOT have any insurance? They were in the wrong on two accounts; driving without insurance and causing an accident.


So where does that leave you???


It could leave you in a worse off situation as not only have you been in an accident, but your no claims discount may now be void, even though the accident was not your fault.


Kicked while you are down I say.


However, there are insurers now that recognise these accidents and realise they are and were not your fault and will not hold them against you. That sounds good by me. The issue is in inquiring with your insurance company and also if you are getting a new policy, looking into the policy as to what it does and does not allow or cover.


Having a no claims discount is one thing, and a good one at that, maintaining it is another, and losing it through no fault of your own, another.